Hacking An Instagram Account: Can It Land You In Jail?

The Internet has led to an exponential increase in communication, processing of transactions, access to services and unfortunately, cyber crime. With billions of people worldwide using computer systems and the Internet, there is an abundant pool of victims to be exploited. According to Forbes.com, statistics over the years have shown that the impact of cyber crime has been amazing, with global financial losses recorded at $158 billion in 2016. You can only imagine the amount of data and information loss.

Computer Hacking is Everywhere
Computer systems and the Internet are anonymous. This anonymity haven allows cyber crimes of different types and degrees to transcend all physical boundaries. Computer hacking is defined without authorization as the deliberate access or infiltration of a computer system or program. It is also deliberate access to a computer system or program that exceeds permitted access. Computer hacking affects all types of information and communication technology, according to the Information Security Threat Report of Symantec. Web threats, social media scams, communication and email threats, data breaches, compromises in cloud and data storage, law enforcement and critical data breaches. Nothing and nobody is exempted.

Criminal Charges for Hackers
Computer hacking, as well as Instagram hacking, is considered a major threat to the integrity of companies, confidentiality of governments and personal security. It is thus aggressively prosecuted in a court of law. Under Florida law, a third-degree hacking crime or even if you know website hacking such as how to hack an Instagram account can lead to a maximum sentence of five years in prison and fines of up to $5,000. The defendant could be penalized for a hacking offense involving theft or fraudulent activity with up to 15 years in prison and a fine of $10,000. A hacking offense can destroy the personal and professional reputation of an individual beyond the immediate court-ordered penalties. He or she may find it difficult to apply to universities, obtain scholarships, find a job or obtain a loan. Even many years after your conviction, your felony computer hacking charge could still negatively affect you.

How A VoIP System Can Save A Business Big Money

What is a VoIP System?
VoIP is a just like your normal telephone line only it is integrated and developed with the VoIP technology. The VoIP technology is useful as it connects multiple gadgets in order to receive and deliver information.  This service ensures a stable connection to ensure a stable flow of data. In the business world communication is everything this is why business VoIP is a must for every business.

The benefits of a VoIP system:

  • This service ensures that the business and its employees and even their customers will have a stable connection.
  • With a stable connection the business is ensured that no miscommunication will happen thus no failure to either the seller or the consumer’s part.
  • Information can now be relayed as fast as possible and clear and concise as it should be.
  • VoIP have multiple plans to offer everything according to what your business might need.

What are the factors you should consider when choosing a VoIP provider?

  • Setup fees – not all providers charge the same setup fees. Make sure that you are well informed on the pricing and average charge so you will avoid paying much more that you should be paying for. It is also to be noted that it is important to consider the quality of the setup that the provider will provide.
  • Termination fees – this is also another important thing to take not off, eventually if you will need to change providers it is good to be prepared to know how much you will be paying for the termination fee.
  • Landlines – since the VoIP’s main purpose is to keep you connected it is important to know what kind of landline the provider provides.
  • Fax – it is important to inquire about what kind of devices will be integrated and a part of this device is a fax machine.