What You Need To Know Before You Buy Bitcoins

Before venturing on buying digital currencies, it is important that you have the basic knowledge when it comes to cyptocurrencies or digital currencies. Without the basic knowledge, you may end up losing more money or worse, you may be entering an unsecured website and lose all the money you tried to invest. So it is just advisable to learn more about all the basics before starting on this exciting new digital trading journey.

Using exchange websites
Similar to going to a foreign exchange facility, using a digital currency exchange website would allow you direct buy and sell bitcoins using your online bank or debit card. There are several exchange websites and they would only vary so little, mostly on the features that can be found locally on their website.

Digital wallets
In order for you to be able to buy bitcoin, you must have a secured digital wallet. Your wallet contains your private key that allows you to access your digital currency regardless of the market that you are currently in. This is pre-requisite when purchasing digital currency because this is where your money will be virtually stores, so to speak.

Software and hardware wallets Both software and hardware wallets are secured and easy to use. The only difference is that with software wallet, you will be using a software, an application, or a mobile app, to be able to generate the wallet where you can store your private key. With a hardware wallet, you would actually be needing a hardware to store the private key. One recommended hardware is a small flash drive to be used as your digital wallet. The flash drive is portable so that you can always bring it with you. It is also said that hardware wallets are more secured because you can use it without initially going online.

Can You Recover Deleted Files, Or Are They Gone Forever?

Ooops! You accidentally pressed the Delete button, or the Shift + Delete buttons on your keyboard, and the file you have just deleted is an extremely important one. Is there still a chance of recovering deleted files?

Data recovery is one of the trickiest things that any technical expert has to do, as no matter how advanced the data recovery methods are, there is still bound to be some percentage or chance of not being able to recover the files.

To recover deleted files, one must first determine if the problem is purely logical or physical. Logical problems pertain to file deletion with no physical damage to the hard drive, while physical problems have physical, mechanical or electrical problems with the hard drive along with file deletion.

How does file deletion in computers work? And why are there instances that one can still recover those files even if they are deleted? Let’s take a look at the process.

  1. Computer removes the file reference on the hard drive once it deletes the file or moves it to the Recycle Bin. The computer no longer can “see” the file.
  • File is no longer readable in the computer, but it is still on the hard drive. Unless another file or a part of the file is saved in the exact same location, the file is still in the hard drive.
  • Since the file is still in the hard drive, data recovery software can still recover deleted files. Such software simply have to rebuild the file header and allow the computer to see the file again, as long as no other data has been saved on top of the original deleted file.

Do not be afraid and panic when you accidentally delete an important file. Simply go through the initial steps of using the Windows OS features and appropriate data recovery software to recover the file. If all else fails, seek help with data recovery companies.