How To Download Your Favorite Videos And Convert Them To MP3s

As we all know YouTube is the king among all the video sharing and streaming platforms in existence in the online world. This platform has become invaluable to a lot of individuals and companies to the point that we cannot imagine what the online world will be without YouTube in existence.

YouTube was originally created in the year 2005. This platform has become very popular due to the fact that it allows its community of users to share their own videos and at the same time allow other community members to view each other’s videos. You can also comment on and rate the videos that you have watched. This has become the home of different individuals such as vloggers to big entertainment companies.

Entertainment or music companies choose YouTube as the platform where they upload their newly released music through music videos. So there are a lot of music fans that turn to YouTube for music as well. This is one of the reasons why there is a demand for apps that can download and convert to mp3 the videos that these fans are fond of.

Video to MP3
There are a lot of YouTube video downloader apps that you download into your device and once downloaded you can simply copy and paste the URL of your favorite video. Aside from the common format output which is MP4 you can also download the video as MP3. This is especially helpful if are downloading video because of its music and you want to include that music to your playlist. This commonly done by music fans but aside from you can also download things like podcasts in YouTuve and convert them into MP3 files. Whatever reason you have this type of YouTube video downloader can answer your video to MP3 needs.